BARNES, Christopher @cobarnes27

Dr. Barnes lab at Stanford University (US) uses structure-guided design of immunogens to combat emerging zoonotic viruses.

BRIEGEL, Ariane @BriegelAriane

Dr. Briegel's lab at Leiden University (NL) studies how microbes sense and respond to their environment.

BOSTINA, Mihnea @mihnea_bostina

Dr Bostina’s lab at University of Otago (NZ) studies the molecular architecture of viruses.

CAI, Shujun @Cai_cryoET

Dr. Cai is a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University (US), where she studies lipid-transfer mechanisms in mammalian cells, including neurons.


Dr. Cong's lab at Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (CN) investigates chaperone-assisting protein folding and disaggregation and develops analysis methods.

DANG, Shangyu

Dr. Dang's lab at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HK) is interested in the structural biology of ion channels.

HSU, Danny

Dr. Hsu's lab at Academia Sinica (TW) studies the biophysics of highly glycosylated proteins, including the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2.

LOH, Duane

Dr. Loh's lab at the National University of Singapore (SG) applies statistical and computational approaches to difficult problems in information retrieval and analysis.

LOK, Shee-Mei @LokShee

Dr. Lok's lab at Duke-NUS (SG) is interested in structural changes of flavivirus particles during its infection cycle and the effect of anti-viral therapeutics on them.


Dr. Mizuno's lab at the National Institutes of Health (US) studies the cellular structures and dynamics of endocytosis.

NGUYEN, Kelly @KellyTHD_Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen's lab at MRC-LMB (UK) is focused on how telomeres are maintained in eukaryotic cells.

PIGINO, Gaia @GaiaPigino

Dr. Pigino's lab at the Human Technopole (IT) develops imaging strategies for dynamic processes and studies the structural cell biology of cilia and intraflagellar transport.

ROUILLER, Isabelle @IsabelleRouill5

Dr. Rouiller's lab at The University of Melbourne (AU) is interested in protein complexes relevant to mitochondrial and neuronal health, Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases.

SACHSE, Carsten @SachseGroup

Dr. Sachse's lab at Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE) studies membrane-associated protein complexes and develops advanced imaging methods.

SHALEV-BENAMI, Moran @ShalevBenamiLab

Dr. Shalev-Benami's lab at The Weizmann Institute of Science (IL) is interested in the structure and function of large macromolecular complexes.


Dr. Sirajuddin's lab at inStem (IN) investigates the cytoskeleton and motility from the molecular to the tissue scale.


Dr. Sokolova's lab at Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU) studies bacteriophage, ion channels, and nucleosomes.

SONG, Ji-Joon @biostructure

Dr. Song's lab at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KR) focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation.

TOCHEVA, Elitza @ElitzaTocheva

Dr. Tocheva's lab at The University of British Columbia (CA) studies sporulation, membrane biogenesis, and host-pathogen interactions.

TSAI, Kuang-Lei

Dr. Tsai's lab at McGovern Medical School (US) studies transcription, gene regulation, epigenetics, chromatin remodeling, and non-coding RNAs.

TSAI, Ming-Daw

Dr. Tsai's lab at Academia Sinica (TW) is interested in mechanistic enzymology related to DNA damage response, cancer, and immunology

WALLS, Lexi @coronalexington

Dr. Walls is the head of vaccine development at University of Washington (US), where she has developed both fundamental insights on and therapeutics against coronaviruses.

WRIGHT, Elizabeth @erwright73

Dr. Wright's lab at University of Wisconsin (US) develops and applies correlative imaging technologies for studies of host-pathogen interactions.

XU, Min @xumin100

Dr. Xu's lab at Carnegie Mellon University (US) is developing computer vision and machine learning techniques for Cryo-ET-derived modeling of the cellular organization.


Dr. Yonekura's lab at RIKEN and Tohoku University (JP) develops advanced hardware, software, and tools for cryo-EM and X-ray free-electron lasers.

The organizers

FU, Chi-yu

Chi-yu Fu's lab at Academia Sinica (TW) investigates mitochondria morphogenesis and network dynamics.

GAN, Lu @MitosisLab

Lu Gan's lab at the National University of Singapore (SG) investigates chromatin and mitotic machinery of eukaryotic cells.

WOLF, Matthias @HiCryoEM

Matthias Wolf's lab at OIST (JP) and Academia Sinica (TW) studies viruses, pathogenesis factors, and helical assemblies.